Commercial Window Cleaning

Commercial Window Cleaning

Benefits hiring our team to do your commercial window washing

Hiring professional window cleaners is important as they can highly increase the life of your windows. They apply special cleaning and treatments products that makes their work more effective. Moreover, they have the relevant skills to clean both the commercial and residential windows. Some of the reasons why you should rely on our professional window cleaners to clean your windows include;

We will easily spot any window problems

Professional window cleaners can easily detect window problems that need immediate rectification. Ill fitted screens, sashes painted shut non function or damaged windows weights in the older double hung windows and any wood rots are some of the problems that a professional window cleaner can easily detect. Earlier detection necessitates repair and therefore saves you major expenses.

Cleaning Windows Extends the life of your windows

Old aluminum screens if left to remain in place for a very long time, can gradually engrave some patterns of deposits on the window glasses similar to lime deposits in your shower. A treatment of muriatic acid or barkeeper’s friend in a less severe case and a steel wool can restore your glasses to the initial gleaming brilliance and most importantly increase their life.

We have the best cleaning products

If you have stained or leaded glasses, you might unintentionally be damaging them by cleaning them with ammonia based cleaning products. Ammonia is an abrasive liquid and it is also the main ingredient in a process known as wet sanding. With its repeated usage, it will cloud stained or leaded glass and the damage is not repairable. By simply watching a professional window cleaner do the cleaning work, you can easily learn the safe products to use while cleaning your windows.

Some spots on your window glasses can result from sun, hard water or sprinklers.  These spots are very hard to completely remove. However, a professional window cleaner will easily spot out such a problem allowing you to replace the mulch with some higher quality ones. This will increase the longevity of your windows and sidings and also make them to remain attractive and cleaner.

It takes a technically trained team and only individuals oriented at customer services to provide both residential and commercial window cleaning services. Commercial and residential windows may appear to be similar but they have nuanced differences that require window cleaners to use different equipments and different window washing solutions.

A residential window will feature thinner panes, which mean that the cleaner has to take measures to avoid placing very high pressure on the glasses to prevent any damages. Residential windows may also crack easily contrary to the commercial windows even from the effect of sprayed water. Our window cleaning team can offer cleaning services for both residential windows and commercial ones. Therefore you have no need of incurring any unnecessary risks associated with window cleaning.

Our window cleaners will clean your windows both inside and outside to provide your rooms with a more sunny and bright appearance. All the team members are fully insured. They can clean your windows either in a commercial property or in your home. They are among the most trusted window cleaners in the industry.

The team completely removes any tough dirt and grime from your windows and they will never leave behind any drips or streaks. The cleaners are also experts in using extension poles, window wands and professional squeegees. Therefore they can clean any windows including those requiring the toughest jobs.

Furthermore, our cleaning team highly strives to build high customer loyalty, national reputation and referrals. They have to use environmentally safe products to provide you with a cleaner and healthier home.