Best Way to Clean Windows

Best Way to Clean Windows

The Best Way To Clean Windows

Austin, TX- Windows are a very integral part of any building. They provide the much needed natural light and a view to the outside world. For that reason, it is important to keep them clean by ensuring that they look bright and clear always. It is easy to sit back and admire the outside view through the window but cleaning one in order to fully enjoy this view might be daunting.

Best Way to Clean Windows

Best Way to Clean Windows

Windows often get dirty even right after they are washed, especially the windows of new buildings and also depending on where you are located. If your windows are facing a dirt road where the wind whips up the dust towards your windows then you might be forced to wash frequently. Washing your windows regularly will ensure that no particles settle on the glass. When particles are left too long, they are highly likely to form a film which is very unpleasant to look at, not to mention that it will mar your outside view.

The Best Way 

Washing with lots of water and gentle force is the best way to clean windows. Avoid using rolls of paper towels and a spray bottle containing a window cleaner solution. Using this will only be successful in removing the heavy dirt, but it can also be abrasive and result to a film once the windows are dry and the sun is shinning through. However, not all is lost because there is quite an affordable method to clean the glass on the windows.

The Squeegee Is Your Friend 

Actually the best way to clean windows is simply the way the professional window washers carry out the exercise. It is also the most efficient and least expensive way. All you need is a window squeegee that is of good quality, a medium-nap lamb’s wool scrubber and soapy water.

Using It Properly 

The key to a good window cleaning job is simply using the squeegee the right way. This is actually what sets apart the amateurs from the professional window cleaners. Your squeegee is supposed to be about 12 or 18 inches long with a brass body and a replaceable blade made of rubber. The 12inch squeegee is actually the best for a beginner but for someone experienced the 18inch functional size is ideal.

When using the squeegee, always begin at the top of the window in a horizontal direction . Tilt your squeegee slightly to force the water out the bottom along the wet glass below it. Dry off your squeegee blade using a lint-free dry cloth after every horizontal stroke. Ensure that every stroke overlaps the previous one by around 2inches.

After finishing with your squeegee on the entire window, you will notice that there is a narrow wet strip along the edges of the window. Simply dry the edges with a cloth and your windows will look perfect.

Hire Professionals 

In case you find all that too much work and have a tight schedule, why not hire professional window cleaners who use squeegees? Your windows will be exceptionally clean with no physical effort from you. All it would cost you is some affordable amount which will be totally worth the impressive results. The squeegee is still the best window cleaning tool whether you are doing it yourself or hiring professionals.