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Window Cleaning

What Makes us The Best Window Cleaning Company in Austin

Your grime is our prime focus of business. Window washing can be a pain in the neck especially for commercial offices. There just never seems to be enough time or experienced manpower to get these perfectly done. When a client walks in, the ambiance around the room tells them a lot about you. Do not overlook your windows as they greatly contribute to the appearance of a room.

Hiring an expert team of window cleaners guarantees a clean working environment for your workers and a great ambiance in your space. When it comes to great service, we lead and others follow. Our exceptional service speaks for itself but if you don’t have experience with us, we’ll tell you why we are considered the best.

Window Cleaning

Window Cleaning


The difference between us and other window cleaning companies is that we simply sell professionalism first. Our spectacular services are meant to offer our customers exactly what they paid for if not more. We have been in service for a long time hence giving us the privilege to understand exactly what it takes to do this job to perfection.

Qualified cleaning staff

You do not need to worry about hired window cleaners eavesdropping on your private conversations or messing around with your personal items. We are fully armed with a team of qualified cleaners that majorly contribute to our stellar reputation. We only allow individuals who meet our employee criteria in our team. Years of experience is a must. We also perform an in house training session to ensure that they perform according to our standards.

Excellent customer care

What are we without our esteemed customers? Team work is what drives us to great service delivery. We ensure that all our members of staff understand that working together regardless of their departments is mandatory. In this case, rest assured that you will be well taken care of right from the reception to the service delivery. Every member of staff is driven and courteous to guarantee excellent customer care.

All around cleaning

We are a big cleaning company hence not limited to a certain level of service. We are well able and skilled in cleaning all types of windows; office, home and stores. Our team of dedicated cleaners are well trained on how to clean the different windows and leave them spotless.

Value for your money

Nobody wants to pay for bad service. Our stellar reputation is as a result of giving our customers value for their money. With us, you get more than you paid for. Our aim is targeted at leaving our customers with smiles on their faces.

Cost effective

You do not have to drill a hole in your pocket in order to enjoy our services. Our prices are tailored to accommodate everyone. With us, no one is secluded to enjoying our great service.

We can confidently say that we are the best there is when it comes to window cleaning services. A taste of our services will leave you wanting more. We add value to your money. We have a wide customer base that can attest to our great service.

Quality of service is our guarantee.

Commercial Window Cleaning

Commercial Window Washing

Finding The Right Commercial Window Cleaning Company

Austin, TX- Windows do not just allow air and light to get inside a building, but they also play a huge role in enhancing the appearance from the outside. For that, you need to ensure that you have super clean windows in your office. You might think of cleaning them personally, but that will affect your work progress. The best thing to do is hire a commercial window cleaning specialist. We are a well established company that aims at offering super excellent cleaning services to our clients. We understand how vital the business is and that is why we highly value our commercial cleaning services. When you need the right company to clean your office windows, here are some things you might want to put into consideration;

• Highly Skilled and experienced

Commercial Window Washing

Commercial Window Washing

This is one thing you must always consider if you need to find the right cleaner for your business office windows. Unless the cleaners are skillful and well experienced, they might not offer the expected services. The windows must look clean and only a skilled cleaner can make that possible.

• Friendly Staff
Skills and knowledge are important for a company to have, but unless they are friendly enough, they might not offer the best services to the clients. We have a staff of talented and super friendly cleaners, who will work with you professionally, but like a friend.

• Well equipped
Most of the offices are located in tall buildings, which means that they are elevated off the ground. You must find the company that has the right equipment to carry out the cleaning services accordingly. We have machinery such as boom lifts, which assist us in cleaning the highest office in the safest way possible. All our supplies are certified by the Health and Safety authorities, so you will be sure of having a clean and appealing office after we finish cleaning your windows.

• Registered
Before you hire any company for your window cleaning, you must ensure that they are well suited for the job. You can check about their registration and ask for the documents to prove that. You might also want to ask if they are members of a recognized association. This will assure you of hiring a professional. We are certified and members of the Commercial Cleaners Association, which governs all the commercial cleaners in the area.

We work with our clients in the most professional way and we will also ensure that we educate them about how they can keep their windows clean in the easiest and perfect way possible. Our rates are also quite friendly.

Best Way to Clean Windows

Best Way to Clean Windows

The Best Way To Clean Windows

Austin, TX- Windows are a very integral part of any building. They provide the much needed natural light and a view to the outside world. For that reason, it is important to keep them clean by ensuring that they look bright and clear always. It is easy to sit back and admire the outside view through the window but cleaning one in order to fully enjoy this view might be daunting.

Best Way to Clean Windows

Best Way to Clean Windows

Windows often get dirty even right after they are washed, especially the windows of new buildings and also depending on where you are located. If your windows are facing a dirt road where the wind whips up the dust towards your windows then you might be forced to wash frequently. Washing your windows regularly will ensure that no particles settle on the glass. When particles are left too long, they are highly likely to form a film which is very unpleasant to look at, not to mention that it will mar your outside view.

The Best Way 

Washing with lots of water and gentle force is the best way to clean windows. Avoid using rolls of paper towels and a spray bottle containing a window cleaner solution. Using this will only be successful in removing the heavy dirt, but it can also be abrasive and result to a film once the windows are dry and the sun is shinning through. However, not all is lost because there is quite an affordable method to clean the glass on the windows.

The Squeegee Is Your Friend 

Actually the best way to clean windows is simply the way the professional window washers carry out the exercise. It is also the most efficient and least expensive way. All you need is a window squeegee that is of good quality, a medium-nap lamb’s wool scrubber and soapy water.

Using It Properly 

The key to a good window cleaning job is simply using the squeegee the right way. This is actually what sets apart the amateurs from the professional window cleaners. Your squeegee is supposed to be about 12 or 18 inches long with a brass body and a replaceable blade made of rubber. The 12inch squeegee is actually the best for a beginner but for someone experienced the 18inch functional size is ideal.

When using the squeegee, always begin at the top of the window in a horizontal direction . Tilt your squeegee slightly to force the water out the bottom along the wet glass below it. Dry off your squeegee blade using a lint-free dry cloth after every horizontal stroke. Ensure that every stroke overlaps the previous one by around 2inches.

After finishing with your squeegee on the entire window, you will notice that there is a narrow wet strip along the edges of the window. Simply dry the edges with a cloth and your windows will look perfect.

Hire Professionals 

In case you find all that too much work and have a tight schedule, why not hire professional window cleaners who use squeegees? Your windows will be exceptionally clean with no physical effort from you. All it would cost you is some affordable amount which will be totally worth the impressive results. The squeegee is still the best window cleaning tool whether you are doing it yourself or hiring professionals.


Window Cleaning Prices

Window Cleaning Prices

Window Cleaning Prices

Get the Best Window Cleaning Prices

Window cleaning services from reputable professionals are worth every penny of the window cleaning prices that you are charged. The reasons behind this include, but are not limited to, getting services that are topnotch, professionals usually have and use the right equipment, the workers are well trained and know how to deal with the dangers and rigors of the job. Although commercial buildings are the usual clients of these type of cleaners, these professionals know how to clean windows on residences and other structures which may not be as high as what they are used to servicing.


Window Cleaning Prices

Window Cleaning Prices

The main service provided by professional window cleaning companies is to clean and polish windows, usually in the exterior side of the building. You can never go wrong when you opt to hire a professional company because the thorough cleaning service is usually accompanied by equipment that are specifically for windows. This is important because there is very little room for mistakes brought about by using the wrong equipment when you are suspended several feet in the air. Well trained and experienced workers know how to deal with the dangers that come with their occupation so you do not have to worry about what they are doing.

Another service that professional window cleaning companies usually offer their clients is window tinting. The tint keeps out the sun’s glare while some kinds of films or tints can also keep out the heat. Knowledgeable professionals will be able to do this competently with as little issues as possible, with care and precision.

Some windows need a pressure washer to take away the dust and grime that may have accumulated. While pressure washing can be done by home owners, a professional can do this with properly with as little damage as possible to the surroundings and to himself. It is also very efficient in clearing away dirt, debris and grime. A pressure washer is part of the different kinds of equipment that window cleaners are trained to use.

A lot of buildings also have gutters that may need to be cleaned regularly. Professional window cleaners usually include this job in their roster of services because they have the equipment to do it and most of the gutters are pretty close to the windows that it would not be so difficult to clean them.

Professional window cleaning crews usually have care programs that serve as contracts for regular cleaning and maintenance services. These agreements may include the kinds of services that the owner or management want as well as the times when they are most needed. This is very convenient for building owners and residential home owners because they can set up a schedule for cleaning which is convenient for them. There may also be a clause for emergency services.

West Lake Hills

Enjoy Professional and Friendly Window Cleaning Services in West Lake Hills

West Lake Hills, TX- You will always feel happy if your windows and other glass objects at your home are clean, clean windows in your residential home and at your business premises can be a good sight to behold. I mean to tell you that you feel cleaner when you are seating before that sparkling and dazzling window pane, clean and well-polished windows also gives you a sign of fresh environment at home. That is why when you want your windows clean, whether for residential or commercial premises choose your technician wisely.

West Lake Hills Window Cleaning

West Lake Hills Window Cleaning

Professional window cleaning:

We have qualified and licensed technicians that are trained on good cleaning ethics; you will enjoy our services more so as offered by our professional cleaners. Window cleaning whether for your residence or office requires some level of knowledge and good customer care. Our team knows how to behave well at home or when cleaning your office windows, everyone like it when a well conducted teams work in their premises. They know how to say excuse me when moving tables or requesting for more space, they eventually leave your premises tidied up.

Certified and licensed technicians:

We employ the services of qualified and licensed technicians, in West Lake window cleaning fraternity, the law requires just like for any other contractor, a license. Certified technicians undergo several steps to qualify for a licensing, once the local government qualifies a technician, they are given license to practice within West Lake Hill area and all over Texas. That comes with utmost responsibility to take care of customers work and property with diligence.

Thorough cleaning:

Our window cleaning technicians knows how to clean thoroughly, we also clean screens, tracks, your frames, light fixtures at your home or business premises. Other places we clean on the process include; you’re low roof, gutter, and all other relevant surfaces depending on your needs. We are here for you as a customer; we also ensure that we leave your premises as clean as possible.

Quality cleaning solutions:

We use high quality cleaning solutions at your premises; we employ some of the best detergents that leave your glass surfaces sparkling clean always. Our cleaning product leaves no stains behind on your windows and surfaces, but always gives all glasses a smooth look. Try our products and you will love them, they smell nice on your windows and the entire house.

Location of service:

West Lake Hills Window Washing

West Lake Hills Window Washing

We serve all residential and commercial customers around the West Lake Hills and surrounding areas as well; we serve all estates and smaller avenues of West Lake Hills area, including Austin area, Rollingwood and other nearby areas.

Call us for a free quote and estimate; we will be delighted to take your window cleaning order. Our technicians are friendly and professional, plus we are insured to curb and compensate any damage that might arise while we are working at your premises.






Georgetown, TX- Generally, most home owners do not clean their windows without the help of professional window cleaners here in Georgetown. This is because window cleaning takes a lot of time and is often dangerous or difficult to do. It involves, among other things, hanging out of windows, climbing ladders, and many hours of work. After doing all this work by yourself, you may still find your windows with smears and streaks. This can be so frustrating. This is why it is important to always involve professional Georgetown window cleaning services. Whenever you want your windows cleaned thoroughly. We will do a professional window cleaning job for you that will leave you satisfied. By hiring Georgetown window cleaning services, you will save your precious time and have your windows thoroughly cleaned leaving them sparkling. Below here are some of the services that are offered by Georgetown window cleaning services:

Georgetown Window Cleaning

Georgetown Window Cleaning

-Thoroughly cleaning your windows on the inside and outside. This effectively helps remove grease, grime, as well as airborne contaminants that have buildup over time,

-Removing screens and scrubbing them thoroughly using hands,

– Wiping your frames and seals clean, leaving your glass sparkling.

Why use our services?

The following are some of the reasons why you should always choose us to clean your windows:

-Our services are fast and very reliable.

-If you are not satisfied with our work, we have a complaint resolution team on standby to resolve your issues.

-We take time to hire our members of staff. We also train our technicians through a comprehensive training program. This means they are well equipped with all the knowledge they require to do their work professionally.

– All technicians are employees of Central Texas Window Cleaning. This means that we are 100 % accountable for any damage or misdemeanors that may occur while our technicians are working at your home.

– In addition, our company is fully insured and bonded in order to ensure that no injury or damage falls back on you.

– We keep track of new trends and tips in order to always provide the best window cleaning services possible.

– We always use professional-grade equipment and products in order to give you the best results possible.

– We always ensure fair pricing for our professional window services.

-We also offer DIY window -cleaning tips to our clients.

-We also allow our new clients to go read reviews from past clients. We don’t hide anything from our clients.

We are a company that has very friendly members of staff who are also polite. Whenever you need to have your windows cleaned, feel free to contact us. You will not be disappointed.